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The Wyche Free Church

The Wyche Free Church

On behalf of those meeting at the Wyche Free Church I am writing to thank you for the good work you have done for us in installing the loop system. This is much appreciated by all. The system is of great benefit to those who have hearing aids. It is not the volume that is the trouble, but being able to understand. Listening to a speaker through amplifiers confuses the definition of the sound. With the loop, one hears the voice, and that only.


St. Lawrence Church

St. Lawrence Church

Re. St Lawrence Church, Lindridge. The Vicar and churchwardens tell me that they have tried the system out and are delighted with it, so many thanks to you and your staff for doing such a good job for us. I have passed the invoice on to the church committee for their attention. No doubt you will be hearing from them shortly.

Once again, many thanks.
Vicki Stevens.

theatre possible

Theatre Possible

I hope to make other deals with you in the future, because it was very clean, clear and professional

Denis Mpunga.

st. richards hospice

St. Richards Hospice - Worcester Carnival

I did not have time to say thank you for all your efforts at the above event on Saturday, but would like to state how grateful we were to you to fit us in at such short notice. The equipment and service was first class and we would not hesitate in recommending your company or using your services again when the need arises. Thank you again for your excellent support.

contryside alliance

Countryside Alliance

Thank you and your team very much indeed for all your hard work in supplying the Countryside Alliance with radios at Parliament Square, the P A system, and all the radios at Brighton.
You did a splendid job in a difficut situation especially at Brighton with all the anti's trying to sabotage the PA system at the Convention Centre. We could not have had a rally without all your generous support.

Simon Hart